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Health Warning for Tide Detergent Pods


A new product to make cleaning more convenient is also sending a number of kids to the emergency room.

Laundry detergent maker Tide released a new product last year called the Tide Pod.  These little pods are made up of plastic wrapping, filled with enough concentrated detergent to clean a load of laundry.  Over the past year, more than 3 thousand cases have been reported in hospitals throughout the country, where young children are ingesting these pods and getting sick.  Geisinger Medical Center has seen a half dozen cases since the start of the new year, often involving chemical burns in the mouth and esophagus.  Doctors say the reason these pods are causing such a problem is their candy-like appearance.  While many parents are quick to keep cleaning supplies and medications locked away, laundry items are often overlooked or left out in the open.  Weller reminds parents that no matter how appealing or unappealing a cleaning product looks, it should always be kept out of the reach of young children.  If your child does ingest the product, Weller says to first remove as much of the soap form the child's mouth as possible, and then bring them immediately to emergency care.  The solution is generally as simple as monitoring the child, but a more invasive procedure is sometimes required.

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