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Corn Maze Cutting at Kohl's


It may still be summer, but one local business is gearing up for fall, in an a-MAZE-ing way.

The owners of Kohl's Stony Hill Tree Farm in Washingtonville were looking for a way to attract people to their store outside of the Christmas season.  So they decided that a corn maze would be the perfect addition to the business for Fall.  Work began today to turn this field behind the store into an incredibly detailed design.  A crew with the company MazePlay out of Idaho is cutting the corn maze, and the entire project is only expected to take about a day to complete.  MazePlay transfers the design from paper to the corn field with the use of a GPS device guiding their tractor.  And what will it be?  Well, that remains a secret.  The Kohls plan to release the design soon, along with plans for some other new attractions revolved around the theme.  Once the corn is cut, a few weeks of sun and rain will help to dry out the corn on the ground and make the paths ready for visitors.  The Kohls' Corn Maze will open up to the public on September 6th, and will remain open every weekend through the 3rd of November.

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