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Thomas the Tank Engine


  A popular children's character was in West Milton today, all 55 tons of him.



  This real running train engine was revamped 14 years ago to look just like Thomas the Tank Engine.  It tours the country, bringing thrills to children who get to see and ride on Thomas at various events.  And Thomas is able to make his travels thanks to one Milton resident.  Lenny Yokum owns the flatbed trailer and has been the sole Thomas transporter since it was first built.  He parks it here at the Susquehanna Motor Company between trips.  Thomas is actually owned by the Strasburg Rail Road, and Yokum takes it to events, museums and showings… some as far as Tennesee.  And not only does this Thomas look just like the original character, but it is the only running Thomas the Tank Engine in the entire country.  Yokum has been hauling large equipment for 30 years, but he has a special place in his heart for Thomas, especially because he has children of his own who have grown up loving Thomas the Tank Engine.  Yokum and Thomas will make their next stop in Strasburg, next month.  The Strasburg Rail Road will hold "Day Out with Thomas" from June 16th to the 24th.  You can visit the Railroad's website to learn more about this fun family event.